2017 Trends in Garage Doors

Garage doors have an aesthetic function as well as a practical use. Along with your windows, roof and landscaping, they’re among the elements that can affect your property’s curb appeal. A shabby garage door can make neighbors, guests and even prospective purchasers think that you don’t really care very much about your home. If the time has come for you to get a new garage door, here are some contemporary styles that can help go up to a whole new level of exterior attractiveness.

Frosted Glass Panes

Garages are frequently the darkest areas in a home, but frosted glass invites natural light in. Frosted glass can also be treated to provide you with any degree of security and privacy you demand. Most often, frosted glass panes will be set in aluminum frames, which can be customized to complement the architectural style of your house. The frosted glass sections themselves will require virtually no upkeep although you’ll still need to provide periodic upkeep and maintenance on the rollers, springs and track on the overhead part of your door.

Design Elements

Your garage takes up between 30 and 60 percent of the front exterior view of your home, depending upon how large or small it is. When the style of your garage door clashes with the other architectural elements of your house, it just doesn’t look right. Increasingly, homeowners are customizing their garage doors to match the angles and arches of their homes’ exteriors and to pick up the accent tints in window trims, shutters and front doors.


A garage can be far more than just a place to stash a car. Your garage contains a lot of space that can be re-purposed into a workshop, a hobby space or even an office. Increasingly, homeowners are insulating their garage doors so that their garages will be the same temperature as the other rooms in their house.