Professional Garage Door Repair Technician

3 Telltale Signs You May Need Professional Garage Door Repair

Your home garage door may not be an apparatus you think about often, until, that is, it suddenly goes kaput. Here are some tips from the Anaheim garage door repair specialists offering a few things to watch in order to make sure your garage door gets fast, quality professional garage door repair when it is needed.

Your Garage Door Jumps the Tracks

It won’t take a major accident or collision to damage your garage door tracks. Over time, regular wear and tear will exhaust the mechanism to the point that the door tracks can get bend or warped. A space can also develop between the rail and the rollers, leaving your garage door in danger of slipping out of place. Be sure to listen for squeaking or grinding sounds that could indicate a growing problem. Also, if your garage door seems to struggle to function as you lift or lower it, you may be in need of professional garage door repair to get things back on track.

Keep an Eye on the Garage Door Photo Eye

If your garage door suddenly stops at certain locations along the track or if the door will not close completely, you could have a problem with the photo eye mechanism. In most modern automatic garage doors, you will find a safety device with two lenses that transmits a beam to help detect obstructions in the path of the door. You can attempt to clean the lenses yourself with a gentle cloth, but if the problem persists, you may need to call in the professionals to properly realign the system or to replace it with a new, functional set of lenses.

Broken Springs Require Professional Garage Door Repair

Posing a potentially dangerous problem is the possibility of damaged or broken garage door springs in the door mechanism. Springs take the brunt of the weight in every opening and closing of the door, so over time, they simply wear out and need to be replaced in order to efficiently and safely operate your garage door. Check your springs for any signs of rust, gaps or obvious breaks, and, if needed, give the professionals a call.