Garage Door Springs Replacement & Repair

All garage doors rely on heavy-duty springs to operate. Most garage door manufacturers use torsion springs to perform the heavy lifting. Precision Door Service of Orange County stocks quality torsion springs and our technicians are trained to evaluate and fix your broken garage door springs.

Our top quality garage door torsion springs are rated for 25,000 to 50,000 cycles (1 cycle is the equivalent of your garage door going up and down 1 time), compared to standard springs, which are only rated for 5,000 to 10,000 cycles. 

Full Rebuild Replacement of Garage Door Torsion Springs

When you call Precision Door Service of Orange County you can count on us for garage door spring replacement in three easy steps:

  • Replacing both springs: Most garage doors are installed with two springs at the same time. If one of your garage door’s torsion springs breaks, it’s likely that the other is nearing the end of its lifespan as well. After evaluating your garage door, if it is determined that a broken spring is the problem, our technicians will usually recommend replacing both springs.
  • Using the right springs: Garage doors come in all styles, sizes, and weights, and Precision Door’s qualified technicians are trained to install the correct springs for your individual door. After installation, our technicians will check to ensure the correct springs have been used by performing a balance test.
  • Safety inspection: Precision Door Service of Orange County understands that your family’s safety is your top priority. After performing a garage door spring replacement, our technicians will provide a free safety inspection to ensure all the hardware and moving parts of your door are in proper working order.

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If you are experiencing a problem with your garage door and suspect that your springs may be the culprit, contact Precision Door Service of Orange County today, and enjoy worry-free garage door spring replacement!

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