How to Properly Maintain Your Chain Garage Door Opener

When your garage door opener is a chain type, then you’ll have to do intermittent maintenance for it. We advise having a Orange County garage door repair company come out and take care of this or handle it by yourself.

Tighten Your Hardware

Vibrations can knock things loose while your door is opening or closing. You will require the necessary means and a ladder in order to tighten all of the parts up that keep the Orange County chain garage door opener in position. Do not overtighten or the bolts can be stripped. Think about tightening the bolts roughly once per year. If you excessively use your door like in industrial environments, you might need this performed more frequently.

Put Lubricant on the Chain

Lubricant ought to be used on the chain and additional elements. Ensure you choose the proper spray for the task. WD-40 isn’t the right kind of lubricant to apply on your garage door. You’ll want to use a silicone-based product. Other kinds of lubricants such as oil, WD-40 and grease can create other problems with the opener. They tend to attract dirt or cause buildup. If the gears get filled up with gunk, it’ll make it more difficult for your opener to function.

Tighten Your Chain

Inspect your chain garage door opener Orange County every year to review if it’s become loose. This kind of chain is just the same as a bike chain. It can stretch out and grow less effective over time. It could eventually fall off and stop the door from closing or opening. Tightening the chain should be done by tightening the limit screw. Replacing it altogether may be needed when it’s too loose. Professional technicians can provide you with assistance in determining if it’s the right time for a Orange County garage door installation or replacement.