Your garage door might seem like one big piece of hardware but it is made up of many little pieces that are all very important for different reasons. All need to be working safely and correctly in order for your garage door to do the seemingly simple task of opening and closing behind you. Some of these pieces can be individually replaced but sometimes it might make more sense to replace the entire structure.

Some of you may have damaged panels on your garage door and are wondering if you should replace the single panel or replace the entire door? We are here to give you the answers and help you make that decision.

First things first:panel-pic If you have damaged a part of your garage door, you should immediately check to see if any other mechanism was damaged as well, since every part of your garage door is connected to something equally important. Even if you think you only damaged an exterior panel and only aesthetically ruined the door, it is possible that parts that actually move the door up and down may have ruined and could be dangerous. So before you do anything, check to see if vital parts have been damaged and do not attempt to open or close your garage door.

If your garage door sustained no other damage besides a banged up panel, you begin to think about how to replace it. It is absolutely possible to replace a panel of the door without needing to buy an entirely new garage door. But there are a few things to keep in mind:

  •      If your garage door is old, the new panel will most likely stand out compared to the aged and worn out panels of the rest of the door. So if you replace a single panel, you might have to wax all the other panels or give the whole thing a new paint job so that everything matches. Also, depending on the age of your garage door, it might be harder to find the correct panel to replace it because it has to be the same size and weight for the door to safely work.
  •      It is possible to replace it on your own but we would not recommend it. Because panels might be close to or connected with a part of the mechanism that could be dangerous, we would suggest letting a professional do the job for you and keep your family and yourself out of harm’s way.
  •      Garage door parts can be very pricey. The cost for a panel varies greatly depending on the age and type so remember that if you have 2 or more damaged panels, the cost of repairing them will probably be the same as buying a new door. So always make sure the cost of replacing panels is worth it before you forego shopping for a brand new garage door.

From Precision Door of Orange County, we hope these tips were helpful to you and were able to answer any questions you may have about damage to your garage door. If you have more questions, let us know and we will be happy to help. Whether it’s for a new panel or a whole new door, we can provide with you the information you need and the best services possible to make your garage run smoothly and look its very best.