Finding the Most Experienced Orange County Garage Door Repair Companies

The process of finding the best garage door repair companies can be frustrating to begin with, coming from a place of needing assistance, and can be even more frustrating due to the sheer number of choices in repair companies. Yet with the right knowledge of industry certifications, training, best practices and offerings that go above and beyond most other companies, it becomes much easier to whittle down your prospective list of service companies.

Knowledge of Certifications

Word of mouth is one way to figure out where to get garage door service in Orange County. An even more efficient, more intelligent way is by knowing what types of certifications to look for. From this, it can easily be determined which companies are more trained than others. As it so happens, the most legitimate organization that a garage technician can be trained by is called the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation. Any technician who has their residential installer certification from here and has undergone rigorous training using state of the art training facilities is almost certain to be of the highest caliber.

Multiple Services Availability

When searching online, it should become clear based on how many additional service offerings are available to you whether or not a company is of high quality. Though reviews on places like Yelp and screenings from places like HomeAdvisor are very good, there’s nothing that speaks more highly to a company’s quality than their dedication to their profession. The companies that offer 24/7 emergency service, same day guaranteed service as your call is placed, AAA member discounts, AARP member discounts and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau are the cream of the crop.

Knowledge of All Door Brands

Garage doors can range from classic plastic, to tempered glass on stainless steel to thick wooden carriage doors, solid steel and beyond. It is critical to work with a company that is able to service any type of door and that already has years of experience under its belt with many types of doors. Combined with the open access to parts for any door by any make, model or material, it soon becomes clear why going with a professional is a wise idea.