How Vulnerable Is Your Home Garage?

Your new garage doors are equipped with features that keep accidents from taking place. But to keep your garage safe, you have to do a lot more than locking it in the evening. With prevention and monitoring methods, you can avoid a lot of vulnerabilities that can put your garage at risk.


Nowadays, you can watch your home from almost any location in the world. Due to this ability, you can respond to issues from anywhere in the world with a reliable internet connection. You can operate your garage door and the lights, as well as talk with anyone in your family. If your home garage has garage door openers that are at least 10 years old, your garage then becomes less secure. For example, if your opener system works with a fixed code system, a criminal doesn’t have to act like a genius to stumble upon your code. When you get a new garage door in Las Vegas, call in garage repair technicians to get a rolling code system installed. This simple change makes it much harder for criminals to hack into your garage.

Stronger Doors

Does your home garage have a side or back door where people can enter? Make sure that your garage door gets made of solid materials that thieves can’t puncture. Back up this security measure with door jambs and deadbolt locks. Many criminals have familiarized themselves with how garage emergency releases work. For example, they may use a tool such as a coat hanger to thread between the rubber seal and the door frame. The thief triggers the manual release and then lifts open the door. One way you can prevent this is by purchasing a large garage shield pad that keeps the door from opening when someone releases the manual trigger.

Why You Should Maintain Your Security System

If a criminal has a choice between a modern-looking garage with an updated security system and a home with an old garage door that doesn’t look as if its owner has paid any attention to it in years, the choice that the intruder will make becomes obvious. An updated garage door and added security measures send the message to would-be break-in artists that you will not make your home available to hardened criminals.