Matching Your Garage Door Color And Home Exterior

When you’re starting to select a new garage door for your home, one of the most important factors that can go into this decision is matching the color with the rest of your home so that the home aesthetic remains consistent. This may not be a priority for everyone but it can be a factor in the overall value of your home. While matching the color of your garage door with the exterior of your house is important, it’s still possible to use bright and energetic colors for the door as long as they match.

Commit to a Single Color

One of the most important facets in selecting the right color for your garage door is to not paint the door in more than one color. You can choose multiple colors for the trim and accents of the door but the actual panels should consist of a single color. If you are using different colors for the trim and accents of the door, make sure that the panel color is in the same family as the trim and accent colors, which means that you should use warm colors like yellow and red for the trim when using a warm color for the door panels.

Match the Garage Door Trim Color to Your House Trim Color

When you are starting to paint the trim of your garage door, consider using the same color that the trim of the house is painted in for a consistent look. You could also use the same color that you’re using for the actual door panels. The most important thing is not to use a contrasting color.

Paint the Door in the Same Color as Your House

Unless the color of your house is white, you might want to paint the garage door the same color as the rest of your home as this can make your house appear to be larger. Don’t paint the doors in the same color as the trim of the house.