You might have the objective of doing or pressing nothing when you receive your California garage door repair. The work begins with installations that only a professional can help you with. You must consider the safety and reliability of your repairs in California. Making it easier to use your door shouldn’t take away from its basic objectives. Making your door more hands-free starts with a better understanding of the options. You might find that a garage door can be automated in more ways than you initially imagined. Let’s have a look; let’s see why homeowners have gotten creative with hands-free technology.


Some driveways are large and hold multiple cars at a time. These areas need to be lit after a garage door installation. Once you park and shut your headlights off, external lights help you to see even during the nighttime. These lights, which are attached near the frame of the garage door, can be automated to both a timed schedule or by the presence of your vehicle. Some lights are installed with sensors. Anyone walking or driving near them triggers them on and to illuminate the way. You can consider automated lights for both the exterior space of your garage and the inside.

Opening and Closing

Remotes might be the closest you’ve been to the automation possible with garage doors. Let’s take this science a bit further with the option of closing and opening your garage door using no hands at all. Sensors work as a two-way street in most cases. The signal one sensor picks up is the signal it was giving from another sensor. Modern installations allow homeowners to attach a sensor within their car’s window, which gets picked up by a sensor in the garage door. Having these two meet triggers the repairs and installations to open the door. The timing mechanism then closes the door as you drive away.

These are just some features that make life at home simple and easy. Consider how you can improve your experience, and never think that your ideas aren’t possible.