Garage doors are large, heavy pieces of machinery that can cause serious injury to children and pets. But with proper precautions and informed parents, they can be much safer. After 1993, federal regulations require automatic garage door openers to have two built-in safety features; a pressure sensor an electric eye or edge sensor. But in general, automatic garage door openers can last for over 20 years and a lot of the ones currently in use were made before the regulations went into place.


The Paper Towel Test

How can you tell if your door is functioning properly? The quickest way to ensure your door’s automatic safety feature will not harm your child is the paper towel roll test. As your garage door is being lowered, slip a full roll of paper towels beneath it. If the door does not quickly reverse without damaging the roll, it is probably time to call in a technician.

Regular Maintenance

The best way to catch a problem before it becomes dangerous is to regularly inspect your door for anything that seems out place. Be sure the track is installed snugly, and free from obstructions, and the moving parts are properly lubricated. This periodic maintenance can give you a heads up on a possibly dangerous issue before anyone gets hurt.

Some Additional Tips

Always be sure your control panel is installed at least five feet above the ground to ensure it is out of the reach of little ones and never leave your remote where the kids can get ahold of it. And as with most things in life, the best way to keep your children safe is to talk to them. Be sure to explain to them the importance of garage door safety. Openly communicate the seriousness of never playing near a moving garage door, and keeping their fingers and toys away from the tracks, springs and panel joints.

If you ever have any safety concerns the best bet is always to call a trained technician. Give one of our certified professionals at Precision Doors Orange County a call anytime, we’d be happy to help.