3 Convenient Options for Your Garage Doors

Your garage door is quite possibly the most used item in your home. You and your family may use it every morning to get to school and work. Because of this heavy reliance on the garage door, issues can arise that may make using it that much more frustrating. Thus, here are three convenient options to add to your garage door.

Backup Battery as a Convenient Option

As Murphy’s law states, whatever can go wrong will go wrong. The reality of an automatic garage door is that it is prone to failure during a thunderstorm or worse, during a home emergency such as a fire. This is why it is so important to have a garage door repair Irvine company inspect and install a backup battery on your garage door in order to have a convenient option when serious issues such as those listed above occur.

Smartphone Apps

Innovations in technology have allowed homeowners to improve the security of their homes through apps. However, you may be surprised that there are also apps for garage doors themselves. These apps provide homeowners with a plethora of benefits. This may include alerting you when you or one of your kids has forgotten to close the garage door, if someone is tampering with it or to simply look at who’s outside your garage.

Slide to the Side Garage Doors

If you’re someone who likes to store a lot of large vehicles and things within your garage, then a slide to the side garage door is something you should really look into. By having the door slide into the sides of your garage, you are allowing yourself to have much more storage room for your items as well as your larger vehicles.