Three Reasons to Choose a Reinforced Garage Door

Garage doors make up a lot of surface area. This leaves them susceptible to damage or even collapse from high winds. Minor wind damage can usually be taken care of with a Huntington Beach garage door repair. Major wind damage might require a replacement of your garage door. When you choose a replacement door, consider one that has a high wind load tolerance and reinforcement in its fittings.

Protect Your Home

A garage door with a high wind load does a better job of protecting your home. If the wind gusts strong enough to collapse your garage door, the high pressure from the wind could also damage the door’s tracks as well as your home’s doors, windows, walls and roof joists. If your home is in an open area prone to high winds, get the strongest available garage door.

Add Value to Your Home

A stronger garage door is a selling point if you ever list your house for sale. It also adds aesthetic appeal to your home. Instead of the door’s panels getting dented from occasional wind gusts, a strong garage door will remain intact and undamaged. Wind load garage doors come in a full spectrum of styles, colors and sizes.

Meet Insurance Requirements

Wind damage claims may drive up the cost of your homeowner’s insurance premiums. By installing a strong garage door that can withstand wind, you might be able to lower your homeowner’s insurance premiums. Some places require that newly installed garage doors have a specific rating for different wind speeds. You might have trouble getting a new insurance policy if you do not choose a strong enough replacement garage door for your home.