Wooden garage doors are used during many installation projects because they provide a variety of unique advantages that appeal to many homeowners. These perks are also cost-effective and can strategically boost a property’s resale value.

How a Wooden Garage Door Enhances Properties and the Environment

When a wood garage door is placed on a property and painted, the grains stand out after the color dries on the rustic surfaces. Although most homeowners pick wooden doors during Orange County garage installation projects specifically for the design elements, many families choose wooden doors because they provide other big advantages that help the environment.

Strategic Material

Big manufacturers are now using special materials in order to decrease the need for new production projects. Because the environment suffers when trees are cut in forests, dozens of builders strive to make new products out of recycled wood fiber. Over 88 percent of recycled wood is used to make these doors, which extends the minimum industry requirement.

Custom Supplies

Since wood garage doors are constructed from scratch, builders can include a variety of custom elements that can help lower energy costs. For example, throughout the spring and summer, a homeowner can use less energy to cool a garage by putting the fewer glass panels on a door. The temperature in a garage drops quicker when a door is designed this way because minimum heat from the sun will interfere with the air in the space.

Long-Lasting Protection

When a wooden garage door is closed, outside elements can’t access the interior space easily. This is possible because wooden doors are designed with a sturdy weather seal that’s made out of aluminum. The aluminum helps a garage maintain a consistent temperature, as it has an insulated R-value of 7.31. Also, because the seal is thick, it keeps a garage properly insulated and protected throughout a rainstorm by blocking any water that tries to seep through the nooks and crannies.