home with durable wooden garage doors

Durable Wood Composite Garage Doors vs. Wood Ones

If you need a new garage door, you may like to upgrade the appearance of your home by installing a wooden one. Wood will defiantly add curb appeal, but it may come at a high maintenance cost to keep it durable. Composite wood could be the answer. Here are some of the differences between natural wood and composite wood garage doors.

The Features of Wooden Garage Doors

Wood may warp, especially in a humid climate or near the ocean. To help prevent this, they are built in layers. The most common woods used are redwood, fir, cedar and meranti, a type of mahogany. The wood may be treated, painted and stained at the factory or done after being installed. A custom-designed wooden garage door may be costly.

The significant upkeep required by natural wood starts with regular sanding and painting or staining. The wood will age quickly and crack or split especially if it spends hours every day in direct sunlight. It will last longer if it is in a shaded area.

The Features of Durable Composite Wood Garage Doors

Composite wood garage doors may have a wooden frame that is covered with fiberboard. High-quality fiberboard is textured to resemble natural wood. The core is filled with polystyrene insulation. They can be painted or stained just like natural wood.

These doors are very durable and low maintenance. They don’t crack, split or warp and can withstand damp and humid weather. They can be painted to match your house or stained to look like natural wood. Composite doors are eco-friendly because they can be made of recyclable components, have a sustainable manufacturing process and are energy efficient. While they are initially a bit costly, they last for years with very little maintenance.

Finally, composite wood may be your best long-term solution if you need a new door. It combines the durability of a steel door with the attractive appearance of a solid wood door.