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How to Fix Your Malfunctioning Garage Door Remote

Garage door remotes are common and handy. They’re the “essential” that many of us use for entering and exiting our homes. Even if you have a new garage door, these answers will help with common issues regarding replacing, repairing and updating your garage door remote control.

My Garage Door Remote Isn’t Working

If the wall-mounted button is working and the remote isn’t, you probably have to either change the battery or reprogram the remote. Many standard garage door openers necessitate a few simple steps to program. You normally press down the remote’s “open” button while releasing and pressing the button for programming.

Release the open button after that when the light of the garage door opener activates. Some issues with garage remotes are out there that can seem to defy solutions. Some individuals find that the garage door is opening by itself. You may be away at work or at home in the living-room and your door opens suddenly. The reason for a few of these unusual incidents can be surprising.

Apps for Your Garage Door Remote

There’s an application to solve your worries. There is one for iPhone, at least. We have no doubt that more apps will be provided for other mobile platforms for opening and closing your garage door using your phone. It’s definitely free of hassles, but make sure you don’t lose your phone!

Battery Replacement for a Garage Door Remote

The majority of individuals fail to remember that the power source for their garage door remote is a battery (or more) on the inside. When the remote happens to stop working all of a sudden, the initial thing to review is the battery (or batteries). You will need to get remove a small screw (or a couple) from the remote and then take it apart. When your remote doesn’t use screws, you should be able to reach the battery by removing the back panel.