Should You Add Insulation to Your Garage Door?

Have you been thinking about renovating your garage door? One of the best projects you can take on is to choose a new garage door for your home. In addition to providing you with brand new equipment, a new garage door provides a homeowner with up to 74% back of their initial investment. One of the most popular trends at the moment are energy-efficient garage doors. One of the key features of these doors is insulation. Here is why you should consider adding insulation to your garage door.

Saves Energy

When homeowners want to begin saving on their energy, they usually think of the home’s interior such as walls, vents, and windows. However, one of the most overlooked areas is the garage door. Your garage is a very large space that takes up a lot of your home’s energy. Many experts at Orange County garage door repair companies recommend that homeowners insulate their home to save money on loss energy.


The fact is that single plated garage doors are not as strong as they should be. A garage door must be able to withstand not only the elements such as wind and thunderstorms but also hits with your car, kids’ bikes and everything in between. Adding insulation to your garage door adds an extra later to the structure and thus provides you with a more durable garage door.

Insulation Makes It Quieter

Garage doors can be very loud at times. Sometimes the chains or tracking bar needs cleaning or lubrication must be added, but oftentimes it is the garage door itself that is the culprit of much of the noises you hear. Insulating your garage door can provide you with a quieter sounding garage door. This will allow you to come into your home after a long day of work without disturbing the whole family.