Keeping Your Garage in Good Working Order in Orange County

A noisy garage door can be much more than an aggravation. It can also serve as a warning sign that something more serious, even dangerous, is going on. Before you assume your obnoxiously loud garage door just needs a good lubing, consider these possibilities which could indicate a need for professional garage door repair in Orange County.

Broken Hinges

Door hinges might be small, but they play a big role in the proper operation of your garage door. A simple tap from your vehicle is all that is needed to bend or break a hinge and knock the door off its track. Once broken, you might not be able to open your garage door at all, and a damaged hinge can easily bend every panel on the door. If you suspect a hinge might be broken, and you need garage repair in Orange County, it would be best to stop using the door until it is inspected and fixed. At least once a year, it would be a good idea to schedule with the same company to perform garage maintenance to ensure proper functioning.

Bad Rollers

Bearings located in the rollers of the garage door can collapse. When this happens, your door is sure to make a terrible noise every time you open and close it. Rollers are the most common cause of garage door noise, and they can also force the door off the track. Having a professional garage door company replace the rollers can stop the noise, prevent further damage, and make your garage door operate much more efficiently.

Improper Balance

An unbalanced garage door will cause a good bit of noise and can have a tremendous impact on the integrity of the unit. The door can become slower to open and close, or it might not open at all. The unbalance will eventually weaken the unit and could even cause the door to fall. A garage door company will be able to test the door to determine if it is unbalanced and offer a repair solution that will keep you from having to replace the whole system.