all brand new components of a garage door

Understanding the Parts of a Garage Door

As the largest and often most used part of the home, it is important for every homeowner to ensure that they know about the various components at work that allow it to function properly. It might seem a little daunting, but once you lay things out, you may notice that it’s actually not too complex. Read on to learn more about some of the most important components of a garage door.

Garage Door Opener

Depending on what type of opener you have, it might be the most obvious part of your garage. The door opener is what provides the energy for the other components to begin lifting the garage door. For many homeowners, this is an absolute must to have within their homes. It is often compared to having a laundry machine. That is how much of a convenience it provides homeowners.

Extension/Torsion Springs

No matter which type of spring you have, they both do the same job. That job involves holding the garage door as it moves up and down. They are incredibly important to the function of the door and should be looked over every six months. If you notice damages to your tension springs, it is highly recommended not to touch them as they can snap and cause serious injury. Instead seek the services of a garage door repair Orange County service company to ensure a proper repair.

Tracking System Parts of a Garage Door

Much like that of a railroad, the garage door runs along a tracking system. This system keeps everything in place and prevents your door from becoming unbalanced. These tracking systems are usually made out of steel, and depending on your door, they may run to the top of your ceiling or to the side of your garage.