Should You Buy a Wireless Keypad for Your Garage Door?

Garage door keypads operate as entry systems that let you go into your home garage. When you key in a PIN number, a radio frequency makes the keypad operate. Once you get your garage door keypad put in beside your garage door, you can enter your garage without needing to use a key. You’ll make your home safer by limiting access to those who know the PIN number.

The Safety Features of Wireless Keypads

The features that come with wireless keypads include rolling codes that stop would-be criminals from discovering your PIN number. Those homeowners that don’t want to use a PIN can gain access to their garage through their fingerprint. Once your fingerprint gets into the keypad’s memory files, only the owner of the fingerprint can open the garage door.

Since 1993, garage door manufacturers must install reversing safety mechanisms into all garage doors. This feature consists of two sensors located a few inches above the floor. When an item or person gets into the path of the sensors, the door will reverse course.

Do I Really Need a Garage Door Keypad?

We’ve come to a time where installing a wireless keypad near your garage door will become a necessity. Parents can tell their children the PIN instead of giving them house keys that they can easily lose.

A survey revealed that a third of parents of school-aged minors have a garage door keypad. About half of the parents said that wireless garage door keypads were safer, easier to use, and more convenient. Another survey showed that over half of the respondents had locked themselves out of their home and regained access through their garage door keypad.

How Wireless Keypads Will Make Your Home Safer

Take the security of your garage as seriously as you would your home. Home security has gotten a lot easier with today’s garage door keypads. Talk to an expert in garage door installation in Orange County to learn about the safety features and additional benefits to getting a wireless keypad for your garage.