Learn about the pros and cons of installing an energy-efficient garage door and in which situations you will gain the most benefits from installing this type of a garage door.

Pros and Cons of Installing an Energy-efficient Replacement Garage Door

The door of your garage is the largest opening between your house and the outdoors. This large door makes it easy for unwanted air exchange with the outdoors to take place. The air exchange can cause your air conditioning and heating bills to increase. When it comes time for a new garage door installation in Orange County, you may want to think about installing an energy-efficient garage door.

Lower Utility Bills

Hot and humid are coming into your home from the outdoors makes a considerable impact on your air conditioning bills. Insufficient weatherstripping leads to small gaps around the garage door that allow for a constant flow of air. Each time you open or close the door, a considerable amount of air exchange takes place. This causes your air conditioner to run more frequently, which in turn increases your cooling costs. An insulated, energy-efficient door prevents the constant air exchange with the outdoors.

Protects Your Belongings

An insulated door also helps to protect your belongings. Extreme heat in your garage can damage the items stored inside of it, including your vehicle. The heat can degrade materials such as the foam and rubber in your car seats and tires. The heat also damages the chemicals and other items in the garage. Installing a new door that is insulated prevents excess heat from getting inside, even if your garage is not connected to your home’s air ducts.


Energy-efficient garage doors have higher installation costs. This is due to the state-of-the-art materials used in the construction of the door. While you will pay a few dollars more upfront, an energy-efficient garage door will pay for itself within two to four years because of the reduction in your utility bills. Because the average garage door lasts for 15 years or longer, an energy-efficient door installation is an excellent investment for your home and your wallet.