Reasons to Replace Your Old Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers have an average lifespan of 15 years before they begin to malfunction and need to be replaced. Some homeowners attempt to extend this lifespan as long as possible before it’s time to invest in a new product. Here are a few main reasons you need to replace your old garage door opener immediately.

Protect the House From Intruders

Old garage door openers are more vulnerable to break-ins due to the older, weaker parts that are in place. If the remote is programmed with a DIP switches set in -, +, or 0, then the signal is easy to pick up for possible intruders who want to break into the house. New garage door openers that were made after 1993 include advanced technology and have rolling codes to make it extremely challenging for anyone who has the wrong intentions to get into the garage.

Improve Your Safety

You can reduce the risk of accidents or injuries that can occur by upgrading the garage door opener to a newer model that works more efficiently and works better when it comes to detecting objects that are in its path. Newer models are capable of having more accuracy with spotting people or items that it may come in contact with, which will cause the garage door to reverse. New doors can also include photo eyes, which consists of two sensors on each side of the door with a beam that connects and can detect items.

Save Money

Although Orange County garage installation may be an investment, it can pay for itself over time by allowing you to save money on the repairs that are often required over time. Older garage door openers are prone to having more issues due to the quality of the parts, which means having to spend more money to maintain the system rather than upgrading to a product that works more efficiently and is less of a headache.