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Childproof Your Garage Door With Huntington Beach Garage Door Repair

If you want to make your garage a safe space for both children and adults, you should consider childproofing it by scheduling a Huntington Beach garage door repair. Although most children are able to use the common parts of a garage door, some are not designed properly or have parts that should be considered. The goal of childproofing is to minimize injuries by making it difficult for children to reach certain parts of your garage door.

What Are the Common Accidents Caused by Garage Doors?

A garage door is a great addition to the house. It can save you time and money by letting you move your car without having to use stairs or by giving you quick access to the garage. However, being outside of your home can come with its own set of dangers. There are a variety of things that could happen when using your garage door. These accidents range from minor injuries, such as scrapes and bruises, to major traumas, such as broken bones, brain damage, and even death, hence the need to have a Huntington Beach garage door repair to avoid accidents. Below are the main accidents that a garage door can cause.

Pinched Fingers

The most common accident involving a child with an Orange County garage door is a pinched finger. The garage door springs can be very strong, and they can be difficult to see. If a child accidentally grabs onto the spring, it can be very painful. This is a very common accident that happens in homes all over the world.

Garage Door Head Injury

A garage door is a dangerous object that can cause severe injuries to children. The head and neck area are particularly vulnerable because they are not protected by bones or muscles like in other parts of the body. This makes it easy for an adult to accidentally strike a child’s head on the edge of a garage door.

Cuts From Broken Glass

Broken glass can lead to serious injuries. The most common cuts from broken glass happen when the child gets their arms or hands caught in the door and is cut by broken glass. The second most common injury from broken glass is a laceration, which is a slice or tear in the skin. Cuts from broken glass can be quite serious, depending on how deep they are. A deep cut could require stitches or even surgery if it’s severe enough. In addition to being very painful, these types of cuts may require hospitalization if infection sets in.

Garage Door Falling Off the Track

The other common garage door accident is the garage door falling off the track. The main cause of this is improper installation or maintenance of the spring tensioning system. A garage door can also fall off its track if it is not properly installed in the first place, but this is a rare occurrence. If your garage door has been installed properly and is working well, you should have no problems with it; however, if you have any issues with your garage door, you should schedule a Huntington Beach garage door repair.

What Causes Accidents With a Garage Door?

Garage doors are typically meant to be a privacy barrier, not a spill hazard. Of course, accidents happen. When they do, they can leave you feeling very vulnerable as well as frustrated at what caused the accident in the first place. Here are some common causes of garage door accidents.

Electronic Malfunction

The most common cause of garage door opener failures is an electrical system fault. This can include loose wires, blown fuses, or broken circuit boards. There are several ways to detect this problem, including checking for power at the plug and using a voltmeter or multimeter to check for AC voltage output from the opener.


The other cause of garage door accidents is mechanical failure due to a lack of lubrication. If this happens, don’t try to fix it yourself. Instead, call a professional technician for a Huntington Beach garage door repair.

Improper Force Settings

The garage door should be able to lift up and down with the appropriate force. This is dependent on the type of door and where it is located. The most common way to adjust the force is through the controller, which can be found on the wall near your garage door opener. You will need to press a button labeled “up” or “down” in order to adjust the amount of effort needed to raise or lower your garage door.

Incorrectly Installed Garage Door Opener

If you have installed a new garage door opener, make sure that it works properly before leaving it unattended in case there are any problems or issues that need to be addressed immediately. If you have purchased a new garage door opener but have not yet installed it, make sure that you follow all necessary installation instructions so that everything goes smoothly while also setting up your system properly once everything is connected properly.

No Automatic Reverse Sensors

Most garage door openers come with automatic reverse sensors. These sensors ensure that the door will close when you’re done using it to open it. But if these sensors aren’t working properly, they won’t detect when you’re done using the garage door or when someone else uses it without your permission. This could result in injury or damage to property because there would be no way for anyone else to know they were closing on top of someone else; hence you will need Precision Garage Door to repair your door.

Huntington Beach Garage Door Repair and Childproofing

Childproofing your garage door is a term used to describe a series of measures you can take to make sure children don’t have easy access to garage door openers. There are several different methods and steps you can take in order to protect your children from unwanted contact with your garage door.

Keep the Remote Out of Reach

The first thing to do if you have a garage door opener is to keep the remote away from your young children. You can do this by placing it on a high shelf or hanging it up. If possible, place the remote in a cabinet or closet where it will be out of reach.

Use an Indoor Keypad

Another way to keep your kids from opening the garage door is by adding an indoor keypad that you can use to open and close your garage door as needed. This will allow you to control access without worrying about whether they can reach the remote.

Install a Motion Sensor

If you have an older garage door, it may be time to replace it with a new model. A motion sensor will activate the door opener when any object enters the garage. This is much safer for your children and pets than having to manually open the door every time someone walks by or moves something in your garage.

Teach Your Children About Garage Door Safety

Safety is a key component of childproofing any device or area. Teach your kids how to stay away from all potential hazards that could harm them if they accidentally step on one of these devices. You should also train them on how to safely secure items like bicycles and tools in the garage, so they don’t get knocked around by other objects while they’re riding them around inside the garage.

Lock the Emergency Release Rope

If you have a garage door opener, your garage door is probably equipped with an emergency release rope. This is a thin cord that can be pulled to open the door in case of power failure or mechanical failure. The problem is that children like to play with this cord and pull it around. If you have young ones in your household, you might want to consider contacting a company that specializes in Anaheim garage door repair to install a locking emergency release rope so that they can’t get into trouble you will need.

Child safety is of utmost importance to every parent with young children. You do your best to keep them from climbing on the countertops, taking a bath without supervision, or wandering outside without you knowing where they are, but how about your garage door? When it’s closed, it can still be dangerous for kids, especially if they’re curious and too eager to play. Follow the above tips to keep the garage door safe and out of reach to avoid getting those calls from the emergency room.