You may not have put a lot of thought into the material used to make your garage door, but it can actually have a major impact on the curb appeal of your house.

Choosing the Right Material for Your Garage Door

People tend to pay a lot of attention to the material they use in their siding, but don’t always put as much thought into their garage. The home should be the center of attention, after all. But for many homes, especially those in the suburbs, the garage may be the first thing guests see when they arrive at your house. So having an attractive garage door not only improves your curb appeal, but it can actually improve the value of your home!

Sturdy as Steel

Steel may not be the most traditional choice, but it is certainly the most durable. There are other benefits as well. Steel garage doors represent an excellent value because they are less expensive than some other materials, and they last a long time. They generally require little maintenance, especially in the dry climate of Southern California. Because they are well-insulated, they are also energy efficient, which saves money in the long-term.

Traditional as Timber

Garage doors are traditionally made out of wood, and it is one of the most popular materials. Wooden garage doors can require a significant amount of maintenance, as painting and staining are necessary every few years. Wooden doors are often attractive and look natural, and they are easier to customize for special builds than other materials such as steel. Wooden garage doors come in a wide variety of styles as well.

Gorgeous as Glass

As far as garages go, aluminum and glass is a relatively recent innovation, and garage doors that prominently feature glass in their design look very contemporary and modern, and can be very attractive. They are durable and very low-maintenance but tend to have inferior insulation. A competent and reliable garage door service in Orange County can provide further insights into the benefits of these various materials.