Realtors on Garage Door Renovations

Orange County garage door repair companies have experienced a spike in door replacements. Homeowners are replacing them sooner than expected in many cases, and this trend isn’t exclusive to Orange County or even California. Curious about this movement, the National Association of Realtors teamed with the National Association of the Remodeling Industry to study it and determine the underlying causes.

Why Renovate?

The first aspect of the NAR/NARI study surveyed homeowners who had recently renovated their garages. The goal was to determine motivation in the consumers’ own words. The study found that the leading group at 35 percent wanted to improve the overall appearance, and they often cited surfaces that were still viable but worn out in their opinions. The second group at 16 percent wanted to add features to their garages, and the third at 13 percent simply felt that the time had come for a change.

Post-Purchase Satisfaction

The researchers also asked homeowners if they were satisfied with their choices in reflection. More than 75 percent indicated some degree of satisfaction. In fact, 65 percent indicated that the upgrade had increased their enjoyment of their homes, and 56 percent indicated that they felt happy as a result.

Surveying Neighbors

The study also included neighbors in the regions they were focusing on who had not recently upgraded their garage doors or another aspect of their homes. More than 65 percent of those asked said they would prefer upgrades to purchasing a different home. Rural residents were most eager to upgrade their garage doors followed by homeowners in the suburbs and then urbanites.

Return on Investment

The NAR cited that perhaps the most surprising aspect of the research was the return on investment achieved by upgrading garage doors even if it was a litter earlier than necessary. Homes with newer garage doors not only sold faster but sold more than comparable homes, and that bump in price was more than enough on average to offset the cost of the renovation.