Sensing Your State of Safety

The sensory output of your garage door enables it to work without your interference. The objective is to enable that door to open and close only when it’s safe to do so. You may not know what the conditions are exactly, so it’s important for this feature to be built into the door. That way, it frees up your hands and gives you an extra set of eyes. You’ll find it to be easy work for a company that does garage door installation in Orange County.


Safety, when installing garage doors, requires impeccable alignment, and there are many pieces that must fit just right. This includes the alignment of your sensors, which are found roughly a foot above the floor at the garage door. These two sensors work by reflecting a beam back and forth between each other. The objective is to generate a steady and undisturbed wave, which can provide the sensors with a connection between themselves. Once the beam is interrupted, the sensors trigger the garage door to open until whatever is impeding the sensory pickup is removed.

Door Reversal

General Orange County garage door safety is also achieved through a door-reversal mechanism that doesn’t rely on sensors alone. A new door is also programmed to raise when it senses an inch or more difference in space from its preset closed position. This gap, which could be created where the door should be completely closed, signals the pulley to reverse as to avoid crushing anything that has gotten underneath.


Cleaning the lens of the sensors will help with the performance of any garage door installation if those sensors are having trouble picking up a signal. This calls for a beam of light created by a laser. The technology requires that the reflective parts of each sensor are continually free of obstructions.

Just one misdirection of the laser from its point of origin to its destination is enough to make it malfunction. Something as thin as a spider’s web can stop your garage door from working properly and will make it assume that an object is under your door when it’s not.