Here’s Why Selecting a Manual Garage Door Might Make Sense

These days, automatic garage doors have become more and more popular. However, a manual garage door hasn’t exactly become extinct. Under some circumstances, these types of doors can even make sense for some homeowners. This article will present some of the reasons that a manual garage door can provide some benefits to you as a homeowner.

The first reason that a manual door can make sense is that it could make your home more secure. Automatic door openers send a signal that makes your garage door open and close. The problem is that criminals can easily copy these signals. If a burglar has the right controller, they can easily enter your garage and home.

Manual doors are locked on the outside. For this reason, only the person who has the right key can open it. This can cause burglars to move on to easier targets.

Manual Doors Come in Different Looks

Most automatic doors come in the ubiquitous sectional door style. While these doors are both practical and functional, they won’t win any prizes in the aesthetics department. When you choose a manual door for your home garage door, you can choose from many different styles. Some of the looks you can select include side-hinged garage doors and dual doors. Dual garage doors swing out when you open them.

Privacy and Safety

If you value privacy for your family, consider purchasing side-hinged manual doors. Automatic doors can only open and close. You can open and close side-hinged doors as much or as little as you want.

Garage doors are extremely heavy. As a result, they can cause grave injury to kids and family pets. Automatic doors come with sensors that won’t operate if it senses that a person, animal, or object is in the way. Unfortunately, these sensors can sometimes malfunction. If the sensor light doesn’t detect the obstruction, it will still operate. With a manual door, you can physically remove any obstructions.

Garage Door Malfunctions

You don’t want to experience having to wait for a technician to perform a Orange County garage door repair when your automatic garage door refuses to close just when you need to leave for work. With a manual door, you can always open and close it. Most people can’t lift automatic doors by themselves. Pushing open a manual door is really easy.