What a Garage Door Safety Inspection Entails

Whether your garage door is six months old or five years old, safety inspections are essential if you want to keep your door in good condition. These inspections are relatively straightforward and can typically be completed in an hour or so. Before you schedule an inspection, you may want to know more about what an inspection entails so that you can determine whether or not the repair company you’ve selected has completed the work properly.

Types of Tasks Performed During a Safety Inspection

There are several different tasks performed during one of these inspections, all of which are aimed at making sure that your door can open and close smoothly and that there are no pressing concerns that you should be aware of. A visual inspection will be performed on every moving part within the door in order to assess if any repairs are necessary. Lubricant is also typically applied to the moving parts and the alignment of the door will be checked during an inspection.

Benefits Provided by a Safety Inspection

The primary benefit provided by obtaining one of these inspections is that you can be confident that the door will continue to work properly. These inspections will also be able to spot small issues before they’ve turned into larger problems that could cost you more to repair, which should save you money in the long run.

How Often You Should Receive a Safety Inspection

It’s recommended that you obtain a safety inspection at least once every year so as to make sure that all of the systems are working properly. This inspection will usually extend to the door opener as well, which is just as integral to the operation of your door as the springs and cables within. There is an array of reputable companies that offer this type of garage door service Orange County, providing you with the means of selecting one that you can be confident will perform the job correctly. Make sure that they offer free estimates and provide guarantees for their service before you schedule it.