Why Your Paint May Start Peeling Off Your Garage Door

Whether you’ve selected a wood door for aesthetic purposes or a metal door due to its durability, your door can appear much older than it is once the paint starts to peel off. This can occur for any number of reasons. While a new coat of paint may be all that’s necessary to fix the problems, it’s important that you identify the core cause of the issue so that it doesn’t happen again.

Causes of Paint Failure

No matter which type of quality of paint you use for your garage door, there is an array of things that can cause the paint to start peeling, even after just a few years of use. If you have a metal garage door that was polished before it was painted, any residual oil that was left over from this process could cause the paint to peel. Some paints are simply not designed to be used with certain door materials, such as oil paint with galvanized steel. Exposure to extreme weather conditions could also cause the paint to start chipping before it should.

What to Do When the Paint Starts Failing

If the paint on your garage door starts to peel, you will need to remove all of the old paint before applying a new coating. It’s also important that the source of the issue be identified before you make a decision on what steps to take. Consider contacting a repair company to look at the problems.

When to Consider Purchasing Another Garage Door

If the paint damage is high and the material beneath seems as though it’s starting to age, you may just want to consider purchasing a new garage door, particularly if your current one is more than ten years old. The costs associated with new paint may be too high to the point where purchasing a new door would be the better investment. There is a range of options available for you to select from, providing you with the ability to select a door that will last longer and comes with better paint.