Garage Door Openers: A Convenience You Can’t Live Without

Gone are the days of bundling up to brave the winter cold so you can open a heavy garage door by hand. Nearly all homeowners rely on the handy garage door opener that can manage this task easily with a push of a button. As technology continues to develop in this area, understanding your new choices can help you make the best selection when you need to invest in a new opener.

Understanding the Anatomy of a Garage Door Opener

All garage door openers are designed to operate using either a chain drive or a belt drive. Both serve their functions with slightly different hardware. While a chain drive is manufactured with a metal, chain belt, a belt drive features a rubber belt. The latter can be quieter in terms of operation. Garage door openers also feature either a single-piece trolley or a three-piece one that is bolted together.

The Power of Garage Door Openers

Most garage door openers rely on AC power because they are less expensive to operate. However, garage door openers that use DC power may offer a battery backup option. Although most garage door openers have a 0.5 HP motor, which is enough power to easily open a 10-pound door, some may operate at 0.75 HP.

Old and New Technology

All garage door openers feature rolling code technology, which ensures that only your opener accesses your door, as well as automatic reversal systems, which prevents doors from closing if something is blocking the door. Most also have control panels, which allows you to block access during vacations.

Today, Wi-Fi connectivity is available, which allows you to operate your garage door from your smartphone or other mobile device. Exterior keypads can be installed outside your home, providing access with a code instead of a key, and mini remotes can be conveniently carried on your keychain.

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