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What to Look for in a Precision Garage Door Repair

On average, your garage door is used four to five times daily. With time you may realize a spring has snapped or the belt has become loose. In the worst case, the garage door can refuse to open or shut, jeopardizing your security and safety. Since garage problems are a common phenomenon, there are numerous Newport Beach garage door repair companies.

Getting a reputable, reliable, and professional company eliminates the fear of shoddy work and the risk it poses to your loved ones. So, what do you need to look for when looking for a garage repair company? Read along to find out.

Check for Critical Information

Doing your due diligence will save you money and the frustrations of substandard work. When considering a Newport Beach garage door repair company, verify the following critical information:

Physical Location

Every credible garage door repair company has a physical address storefront. Fraudulent companies have temporary or fake addresses making it hard to trace them. As a rule of thumb, begin by visiting the physical location from online displays to verify their existence.

License and Certifications

The legitimacy of a company lies in its permits, licenses, and certifications. Different states have varying laws and regulations of garage door services, making it wise always to check certifications beforehand. A genuine company will always have these documents displayed on the walls of its offices. However, always ask to see these documents before signing a contract with them. A company whose management becomes hesitant, evasive, or aggressive about these proofs is most likely fraudulent. Similarly, when a maintenance specialist arrives at your home, it is prudent to ask for his certifications. It is risky to receive maintenance or repair services from an unlicensed person because of a lack of due diligence.

Insurance and Warranty Service Proofs

Insurance is a legal requirement to protect businesses, employees and clients. Whereas licenses offer proof of expert services, insurance offers you peace of mind. Also, reputable companies offer a warranty on services offered as a guarantee of exceptional services. Most credible garage door companies offer 3-year or 10-year guarantees on services based on the kind of job. Warranties provide 100% satisfaction on services and trust should something happen; the company will redo the work at no extra charge.


Business reputation is the cumulative perception of a company based on past interactions. It is a stereotype of what customers expect when they visit your shop regarding honesty, professionalism, and trustworthiness.

A good reputation means that customers have absolute trust that the brand attracts top talent and provides superior services. Clients are more likely to purchase and remain loyal to a brand with a positive reputation, unlike one with no or negative customer interactions.

In this digital era, it is easy to tell a company’s reputation based on customer reviews and consumer reports. For example, Precision Garage Door has a 5-star rating on Google and an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau. These reviews depict swift customer service, a thorough understanding of garage doors, multiple payment options and competitive pricing.

Good reviews are a tangible advantage within the market, setting a company apart as reliable, transparent and responsible. Before you commit to a company, read through the reviews and comments about past interactions with others. Online reviews are a good source of the business reputation of a company.

Consider Multiple Bids

It is wise to get multiple bids if you are considering Irvine garage door repair. Acquiring different quotations from different companies gives you an idea of the type of deals you are getting. Additionally, you will find out the various services offered by different contractors. Furthermore, the quotations will help you answer disturbing questions such as:

• Does the company offer 24/7 services?

• How many years has the company been in operation?

• Does the company have permanent employees, or does it rely on subcontractors?

• Do technicians have company uniforms and identification badges?

• Are there extra charges for nights and weekends?

The above questions will go a long way in identifying the best option for you. It is worth noting that the cheapest option is not always the best deal. Whenever you realize a company is offering a significantly cheap solution, it means the quality of work and materials is substandard. If you want to avoid frustrations and disappointments, choose a company within the market range in pricing.

Ask for Recommendations

A proven way of identifying a credible garage company is by asking for recommendations from neighbors, family, colleagues, and friends. There is a high likelihood that people within your circles have used garage services at one point.

Asking for recommendations will help narrow your search to the most reputable companies. Additionally, you will get honest opinions about good or bad experiences with a particular brand at no charge. You also can avoid bad companies since a bad recommendation may jeopardize your relationship. You will acquire valuable insights and avoid erroneous information since they don’t profit from sending you to the company.

Years of Service

Many companies pride themselves in the number of years they have remained operational since inception. It is a badge of honor many boosts and will always want to inform prospective clients. Few businesses make it past the fifth year due to aggressive competition and demand for better services.

The longevity of a business shows superior leadership skills, adaptability and customer loyalty. Companies that have lasted for decades indicate their dedication to core principles and customer satisfaction.

Remaining faithful to company traditions and mission statement has enabled Precision Garage Door to serve Orange County residents since 1999. As such, we have a wide depth of knowledge about garage door cables, springs and openers. Our technicians understand common diagnoses for garage doors and offer solutions to all garage door problems.

Competent Technicians for Newport Beach Garage Door Repair

The garage door uses complex and sophisticated mechanisms in its operations. Whenever you experience problems with your door, you must get the right man for the job. Hiring a general contractor can easily escalate a small problem into something significant and expensive. For example, your chain drive opener might only require lubrication to eliminate noisy operations only for an amateur to replace it.

Our technicians have undergone thorough training, certifications, and field testing before servicing your doors. Our state-of-the-art facilities equip them with the necessary skills to remain relevant to emerging technologies in the garage door industry. Our brand has also invested heavily in getting the right tools to fix garage door problems and conduct simple maintenance procedures. Combining these traits ensures 100% success in our repairs and customer satisfaction.