lost remote

Steps to Take When You’ve Lost Your Garage Remote

Your garage remote has a huge job and is similar to the key to your home. Unfortunately, if you have a lost remote situation, you might feel lost. There are steps you can take to ensure your garage is still safe and accessible to your family.

Reset the Opener Code

Since your garage door opener has its own unique code, you will want to start fresh if you have a lost remote. Erasing the code and resetting it all together is the best thing you can do upon realizing your remote is lost. This prevents a potential disaster situation just in case the remote has gotten into the wrong hands. It’s a security measure that ensures that the remote will no longer work.

Replace the Lost Remote

The next thing you should do is buy a replacement opener for the remote. Even if you have a spare, it’s good practice to have an extra one on hand. Aim to get one that is a quality brand that’s reliable and reputable. You can even get a universal remote that opens not only your garage door but other things as well.

Open the Door Manually

Even before you replace your lost remote, it’s important to learn how to open and close your garage door manually. Carefully follow all the safety instructions and you should be fine doing it manually. The door should easily open and close by hand as long as it’s been well-maintained. However, if it feels stuck, is rusted or has any other issue, you can get a Long Beach garage door repair to make it easier to manually operate.

These are the three most vital steps you can take for ensuring that your garage door is safe and secure if you have a lost remote you cannot recover. It will help keep your entire family, vehicle and belongings safe.