Should I Paint My Garage Door or Replace It?

Garage doors are designed to last for many years, but sometimes they can start to look old and worn. What can you do to give your garage a makeover? Here are some tips to help you decide if you need some simple exterior maintenance like painting or if it’s time to get a new garage door.

Why Garage Doors Fade Over Time

Your garage door is exposed to the elements and weather 24 hours per day. One of the most common culprits that cause garage door fading is sunlight. If your door faces the sun during the 10 am to 2 pm high UV hours, you may start to notice the color fading over several years. Wind can cause dirt and debris to slowly wear the protective finish down like sandpaper. Rain, along with hail and high winds, can cause both water and structural damage to your garage door.

Fading and Types of Garage Door Materials

Vinyl garage doors fade over time, especially if they’ve been painted previously with oil or latex-based paints. Cracking and peeling is the most common cause of fading and lackluster appearance with wood garage doors. Steel doors, while versatile, can begin to rust over time. The rust can begin to bleed-through the original color making it appear to be a different shade.

Painting vs Replacing Your Garage Door

Painting a garage door involves a lot of time and money. First, you’ll need to research the right type of paint to use for the specific garage door materials. In many cases, you’ll need to apply primer before painting and add sealers after painting to protect it. The costs can quickly add up. Using the wrong products and techniques can leave a freshly painted garage door with streaking and blistering that will require additional money to correct. If you’re considering painting this spring, ask a contractor who knows about garage door installation in Orange County to help you determine whether painting or replacing the most cost-effective alternative to perk up your garage.