What to Do When You Notice Misaligned Garage Doors

The most common instance of garage doors out of alignment of its tracks is due to homeowners backing into their doors with a car. Almost all folks have experienced a situation like this. Some people have simply backed into the garage door or forgot to use the remote to open it. What a way to begin your day, but here the Orange County garage door fix for you to overcome this!

What to Do

A new Orange County garage door installation often suffers harm when hit by a vehicle to not only the two lower portions but also the entire garage door arrangement. The involved vehicle does not need to be moving fast as even just 3-5 miles an hour (5-8 kilometers per hour) imparts tangible harm. The typical thing that happens is some rollers come loose from the tracks, which leaves the garage door hanging precariously off the lift cables.

The very best thing to do is turn off your automobile and exit the garage. Call your garage door technician to come and put it all back to proper function or perform a garage door installation in Orange County. Look at the door opener’s housing or on the door if that is feasible to find a sticker with the title of the company that put in the door unit. Don’t attempt to repair this yourself.

Tracks Aren’t Appropriately Aligned

The next most typical case is associated with a poor quality horizontal track setup for your arrangement. When you have a double garage door 16 feet (4.9 meters) wide for example, know door weights overall can vary from 225-400 pounds. (100-185 kilograms.). If the horizontal tracks aren’t made from strong enough steel to manage the door, a small sudden impact to the door can means the tracks can bend and the door can fall down to the floor.