Protect your garage door and keep yourself safe when hanging up decorations for any of the holidays that you like decorating for.

Three Ways to Decorate Your Garage Door for the Holidays

Many people enjoy decorating their homes for Halloween, Christmas, graduations and other special events and holidays. The garage door covers a large portion of the home’s exterior surface, which makes it a popular place for decorating. These safety tips will help to ensure that you do not damage the door while you decorate your home. If you do cause damage, a professional service for garage repair in Long Beach can make any needed repairs.

Use Optical Decorations

Rather than hanging decorations right on your home or garage door, consider an optical decoration. These lights sit on the ground and shine a colorful array of designs onto your garage door. You can place them in your yard and connect them to an outdoor outlet with an extension cord. They use bright LED bulbs and are energy-efficient. They do not require any nails, tacks or screws.

Magnetic Decorations

You could also try magnetic decorations for the holidays. If your garage door has a steel or aluminum frame, it will support the use of magnetic decorations. The decorations will stay on the garage door even as you open and close it to put your car away. When the holiday has passed, you will be able to remove the decorations without leaving any dents, dings or marks on the panels of the door.

Static Cling Decorations

Static cling decorations stick to your garage door no matter what the weather is like. They work on any material, including wood, steel and fiberglass garage doors. If your garage door has glass windows, they will also cling onto those. These are the same type of decorations that you can use on your home’s glass windows. After the holiday season is over, you just peel the decorations off of the door and store them until the next year. These decorations do not leave any residue behind and they are easy to obtain at most retail stores.