When your garage door opener or lock is broken or not getting power, you might not be sure of how you can get your car out and drive to work. These tips will help you troubleshoot the situation and contact a service technician for any needed repairs.

Three Reasons Why Your Garage Door Will Not Open

Imagine going into your garage to get in your car to leave for work, errands or school, and the door will not open. These three reasons may be the cause of your problem, and some of them you might be able to resolve on your own. If the garage door still will not open, then it is time to contact a professional for prompt garage door repair in Orange County.

No Power

Check to see if the garage door opener has power. Someone could have flipped the wall switch to the off position. You can also try to reset the power switch on the opener itself. If the door still will not open, check your circuit breaker. A recent power outage or brownout may have caused the door’s circuit to trip. If the door is getting power but will not open, contact a repair technician.

Faulty Sensor

A faulty sensor will not allow the garage door to open or close. Check to make sure that your garage door opener’s remote is working. Replace the batteries and see if that helps. Clean the laser eye of the sensor along the door’s tracks. Dust or a leaf could have gotten in the way of the sensor.

Mechanical or Electrical Problem

A mechanical or electrical problem with the garage door opener may cause the door to lock in place. Most door openers have a manual release that allows you to disengage the door from the motor and operate the door manually. If you open the door this way, you will need to lock it after you close it again. Garage doors can be heavy, so use great caution if you try to manually open the door.