Three Important Functions of Your Garage Door’s Weatherproofing Seal

A weatherproofing seal is fitted around the sides and bottom of the garage door. This seal is made from rubber, and it is designed to last for a couple of years. It performs many important functions, but it does wear out after a while. If you notice that this seal is disintegrating, stiff, cracked or broken, a specialist for Anaheim garage door repair can replace it for you. These are three of the most important functions of the weatherproofing seal.

Cushions the Door

The seal cushions the garage door when it reaches the floor. If the door moves too quickly and impacts the hard surface of concrete or asphalt, the door could get damaged. An intact weatherproofing seal reduces the risk of damage every time the garage door closes. The seal also lessens the amount of noise that the door makes when it comes to a stop at the floor of the garage.

Prevents Pest Intrusion

Pests such as ants, bees, wasps, snakes, spiders, mice and rats could easily fit through a little gap between the garage floor and door. A flexible weatherproofing seal closes that gap and reduces the likelihood of pest intrusion. Preventing these pests from getting into your garage keeps you safer and lowers the risk of damage to the structure of your garage.

Reduces Weather Damage

A small gap between the floor and door of the garage allows the elements to come inside of the structure and wreak havoc on everything inside of it. Wind could blow sand and dirt into the garage, damaging the finish of your car. Rain blown into the garage could also cause considerable damage. The seal also reduces air exchange with the outdoors and helps maintain a more consistent temperature. The consistency in temperature lessens wood damage and expansion and contraction of the door and its tracks.