Elements in a Spanish Colonial Style Garage Door

There’s a reason why a Mission-style home fits in your house in the middle of Orange County. Historically, the county had been a part of a cultural movement when this region of California was part of Mexico with influences from the Mission style homes and culture that’s prevalent in the early 1800s.

Today, a cultural nod to the past can make your home stand out when you consider having a Spanish colonial style garage door to complement the external look of your home.

Wooden Carriage Spanish Colonial Style Garage Door

Having a wooden carriage style garage door, in general, adds a lot of class into any home exterior. It’s the style that matches well with the Mission-style home as it hearkens back to the time when the horse-drawn carriage was the means of comfortable transport in its heyday.

The wooden carriage garage door brings out a rustic charm, a characteristic element of the Spanish colonial time. And when you add in Spanish style door handles, the characteristic hinges and the blind arching entry, you’ve got yourself a Mission-style garage door.

Parapets & Red Tiled Roofs

Another characteristic of the mission style in a home that you might want to incorporate into your garage door are the fanciful parapets that are seen in Mission churches. These might adorn the balcony above your carport. And with the striking red tiles that line your roofs, you have yourself a very Spanish colonial garage door.

Spanish Stucco Walls

The Mission-style homes can also be characterized by the use of Spanish stucco walls. These are thick walls that look like they’ve been sourced from local clay called the adobe. These materials are often made as both a protective plaster on the walls and an aesthetic feature reminiscent of the early Spanish colonial time.

If you want to check these styles out, professionals who offer garage door service in Orange County can help you narrow down your choices.