Steel Garage Doors Have Layers

When it comes to Orange County garage installations, many homeowners choose steel. Steel garage doors are the most common on the market because they are very durable but also very economical. Steel does not necessarily mean basic, and many manufacturers offer a broad range of colors and styles, including designs that don’t look very much like steel at all. When choosing a steel garage door, you may have to opt for one, two or three layers.

Single-Layer Doors

If a door has a single layer, that means that the manufacturer stamped it from a single sheet of metal. Single-layer garage doors tend to be the most affordable since they require fewer materials as well as a less intensive manufacturing process. They may, however, be more prone to denting and not have nearly as high a wind rating as doors with additional layers, but supports can be added.

Double-Layer Doors

Double-layer doors are generally more common. Even though they cost a bit more, they tend to provide better value over time. In addition to the main sheet used to stamp the door, this product has a galvanized steel skin on the exterior as well as a backer. A backer is a thick layer of material like polyurethane or polyurethane on the backside that insulates and provides soundproofing.

Triple-Layer Doors

Triple-layer doors are the most expensive but also the highest-quality doors. They tend to be very durable and even provide the lowest total cost of ownership if a homeowner is committed to keeping their garage doors looking beautiful. Triple- and dual-layer doors are quite similar with the difference being a galvanized skin added to the backside. This skin is put in place to add strength and to protect and enhance the insulation and soundproofing. For this reason, these doors tend to have the best wind rating as well as the best R-rating, which measure thermal resistance.