Why Are My Garage Door Tracks Not Working?

If your home garage door will no longer move on its own, you might think that you need to get expensive repairs in order to get it fixed. However, garage door repairs may not even need to get done. The problem can lie with your garage door tracks, which can get easily fixed by an expert in garage repair in Long Beach.

A Simple Part of Your Garage’s System

Your garage’s tracks are some of the most important of the garage door’s system. However, they can be overlooked. But just because the tracks don’t stand out doesn’t mean you can ignore them.

Debris such as sand and dirt can get into the tracks. When this happens, the track can’t roll very well. If you find that your garage door has become stiff, this could be the problem. The rollers can also wear down over time. The wearing down gets accelerated as they have to work with dirty tracks.

How to Fix Dirty Garage Door Tracks

To solve the issue of gritty tracks, the tracks will need to get cleaned out. Your technician will also need to examine the garage rollers at this time. If the rollers are worn down, your garage repair technician will replace them. These types of issues can get repaired in a short visit to your home garage.

Issues With Tracks Can Also Cause Jams

Because the tracks sit at the far sides of your door, the tracks can easily get dented by drivers who park too far into one side. A tiny bump made with a small vehicle can cause the tracks to get pinched. This stops the rollers on the affected side of the door from passing through. Pinched tracks can get fixed through the use of simple tools. But if the track material doesn’t cooperate, then they will need to get replaced.

If your damaged tracks need to get replaced, doing so will be a lot less expensive than getting a brand-new garage door opener. For this reason alone, you should call your local technician whenever you experience problems with your garage’s tracks.