Garage door springs tend to break, and it does not take long before you realize that your door needs repair. However, understanding the common causes of broken door springs could help you to come up with a long-term solution.

Poor Maintenance

It is common knowledge that garage door springs don’t require much care and maintenance. However, this does not mean that you should not put some effort to see that your springs work efficiently. One of the essential methods of preventing springs from breaking is ensuring that your garage door is balanced at any given time. Excellent working garage door springs help it to remain still.

Garage door springs that are not working correctly cause the door to fall or to appear sagging. Regular maintenance will keep door springs on the best conditions, thereby, preventing sagging or falling incidences.


As you know, door springs are metallic products. Therefore, they are susceptible to rust, especially when exposed to moisture and air. Thus, garage door spring repair becomes a necessity every time you detect traces of rust. Development of rust causes the lifespan of the garage door springs to reduce significantly.

Rust has been known to increase the amount of friction while at the same time weakening the coiled spring, which leads to accelerated wear and tears. To prevent springs from breaking, you need to make sure that you regularly oil and grease door springs. This will not only avert rust but will lower friction, which is a significant cause of spring breakage.

Regular Wear

If asked, you would want your door springs to last forever. However, this is not realistic because every time you open and shuts your door, the springs wear. The springs have been made to make it easy for you to open and shut the door, but they suffer every time you do it. This is something that you cannot avoid because you regularly use your garage not only for parking but also for other important purposes.

Cost-Saving Schemes

Garage door springs will not last long enough before they break if saving money was an important consideration when buying them. It is tempting to purchase cheap door springs to everyone, but it is one of the leading causes as to why springs break regularly. Purchasing a single spring where two are needed, and other cost-saving schemes could save you money in the short term but will end up costing you more money in the future.