rustic black garage door styles for wooden doors

Elegant Door Styles for Your Garage

If you are looking to upgrade your garage and want to make a definite statement, there are many door styles you can choose. You can find elegant options whether you want something modern or more on the old-fashioned side.

Best Modern Door Styles

Homeowners with more of a contemporary style in mind have plenty of options. If you are looking for door styles for your garage that are elegant and modern, consider something with sleek lines and made of a mixture of materials. For instance, if you get a garage door comprised of both metal and wood, it can catch everyone’s eye, especially if you use a combination of dark and lighter colors.

Bring the Outside In

One popular trend for door styles on your garage is to make great use of windows. This is an elegant look that allows you to get plenty of sunlight filtering inside the garage. It is a sleek, modern look that can give your home a fresh feel all year long. Another option is to have steel doors with window accents, which you can get when getting Anaheim garage door repair or replacement.

Dark Elegance

One of the most elegant traditional options for your garage is to choose doors that are sleek and dark. Doors made of a solid wood material in a deep brown or even black hue in the carriage style are sophisticated and are sure to turn all heads that pass by. Another option for this type of look for your garage is to go with an Italian villa design. You can add window accents to the top and lights on either side of the door for added effect.

These door styles are exceptional for your garage and can please your entire family with their beauty.