Garage Door Trends for the Decade Beginning in 2020

Many of us who own a home will notice trends started by our neighbors. There are front door trends, window trends, and trends for almost every aspect of our home. It seems as the decades pass, these trends change. It is almost like the clothes and hair trends that change every decade. The new garage door trends are bolder than in the past decades. Those who want to get on board should stay on top of these trends. Many who are looking to buy a home will be looking for a stylish home. Here are a few of the garage door trends for the 2020s.

Stand-Out Garage Door Designs

Traditionally, a homeowner would disguise their garage door. They would make it blend in with the rest of the house. Current garage door trends are that the homeowner should make their garage door stand out. They should add new windows or hardware and make them eye-catching. There should be something, anything about your garage door that passers-by notice. The garage door should be one of the first things anyone notices about your home. So, get out there and think about what you want, your neighbors, potential buyers, and other passers-by to see.

Bolder and Darker Colors

Many of us typically have a garage door that is white or wood colored. The garage door color trends of 2020 are bright and darker colors. That means it is okay to paint the garage door in browns or even in black. Your garage door is the first thing most notice about your home. Make it stand out in the crowd of your cookie-cutter home. Do something daring and paint it black while all your neighbors have their garage doors painted in browns. There might be a few of your neighbors who are not yet on board and still have a white garage door.

Smart Garage Door Trends

Smart technology makes its way to garage doors. Some apps will open your garage door from your smartphone. If you need someone for garage repair in Long Beach to get your garage door up to par, there are some that can do that. You should not need to replace the door to get on board with a smart garage door. Many potential buyers will be looking for a garage door with intelligent technology. So, if you are thinking of selling, make sure you have a garage door with smart technology. It will only increase the value of your home.