Preventative Maintenance to Lower Repair Costs for Your Garage Door

Your garage door needs preventive maintenance in order to work at its best. There are a few steps you can take to keep it functioning at optimal performance.

Look and Listen for Preventive Maintenance

One of the most basic preventive maintenance steps you can take with your garage door is to simply look at and listen to it. While it’s in use, observe it for any unusual signs. Make sure the components are all symmetrical. Listen to it closely for scraping or grinding sounds.

Test Its Balance

The garage door balance test is an essential step. If the door doesn’t balance properly, it signifies there is a problem and that it won’t last long. Manually move the door to the halfway up mark. If it remains in place, then you don’t have an issue. However, if it doesn’t stay, it means you have a balance problem that requires the help of a professional. This is something you may have discussed during garage door installation Orange County.

Replace the Weatherstripping

Over time, your garage door’s weatherstripping will suffer wear and tear. If you have had it around the door for a few years, it might be time to replace the weatherstripping. It is good preventive maintenance and can keep the contents of the garage even safer.

Test Auto-Reverse Safety Features

Another preventive maintenance measure you can take is to test the auto-reverse safety features. You can place an object such as a brick on the ground in line with the garage door’s path. Close the door and watch it. It shouldn’t reach the object but should instead reverse course.

Check the Cables

Don’t check the cables by yourself as it can be dangerous. However, a good preventive maintenance measure is to simply check the condition of the cables. If you notice anything damaged or broken, it’s a sign that you need a professional.

These steps can help you to have a low maintenance garage door. Be diligent about the tips and enjoy your garage for many years to come.