garage paint job

Easy Tips for a Garage Door Paint Job

If you have your mind set on painting your garage door, it’s important to properly prepare. For the best paint job, you have to follow certain tips to ensure the project is a success.

Choose the Right Day

The first step in your painting project is to choose the right day. You will want to pick a cool day with clear weather. In general, the temperature should be anywhere between 50 and 75 degrees with low humidity. This will ensure that the paint dries faster and that painters are comfortable while working.

Picking Paint for The Job

Before you start painting, you will obviously need the right paint. There are certain factors you should consider, such as the door material of your garage and your preferred color choices. There are two additional considerations as well: Do you want to match the color of your garage door to your house or do you want to match the trim of your house? Regardless of the answers to these questions, you will probably want to have your paint complement the look of your home. Professionals who offer garage door installation Orange County can help you with the design and paint type.

Clean the Door

Clean your garage door before you start painting. This is essential as you want the paint to be clean and stick to the door. Eliminating debris and old, peeling paint is wise before you start your project.

Following these tips will help ensure your paint job comes out great. Your garage will be crisp and eye-catching.