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Door Fixes for a Garage Door That Won’t Close

Sometimes, you may have a problem with your garage door not closing. Before you rush to get the best Anaheim garage door repair, a few simple door fixes might solve the problem.

Door Fixes Involving Sensor Issues

Often, when your garage door won’t fully close, it might mean there is a problem with the safety sensors. If the door goes up but won’t go all the way down, it usually means a simple adjustment. This is one of the solutions that can be done by simply loosening a knob or pushing a bracket that’s holding the door open.

Clear the Way

If something is blocking the garage door sensors, the door will not fully close. It may stop or even go back up. This is one of the most basic garage door issues and merely involves clearing the obstruction. You can first check the sensor lights, which can flash or dim if you have this problem. You can also eye the area around the door to see if an object is blocking it. This is usually one of the quickest and easiest ways to fix your door.

Track Alignment Issues

Another common door problem involves a misalignment issue with the track of your garage door. If the track and rollers are not properly aligned, the door will not fully close. It might simply require lubrication or cleaning to eliminate dirt and debris that has accumulated over time.

Problem With Travel Limits

If the other door problems don’t apply to the issue with your garage door, you might have incorrect settings with the travel limits. The settings tell the garage door opener how far the door must move until it’s fully closed. If the settings are too high, the door won’t close because it will think the floor is an obstruction. A simple tweaking of settings can help.

These garage door repair tips will bring your garage back to normal. It will fully close and bring you peace of mind that your belongings are safe.