Installing solar power is great for both your garage door and your opener because it allows you to save on your electric bills and prevent phantom electricity from being taken from you, and you’ll have a built-in solution to power outages.

Why You Should Install a Solar Garage Door

Solar technology is becoming more and more prevalent in our day-to-day lives. Remember that you should always seek the advice of engineering professionals when installing any solar panels or kits, and you may need to contact a company for assistance with performing a garage door repair in Orange County before you install any solar technology in your home. Read further to learn about the benefits of having a solar garage door installed and its accompanying technologies for your opener and garage door.

Have an Easier Solution to Power Outages

Trying to open an electric garage door during a power outage is like trying to keep a cat from jumping up on furniture. In other words, it is very frustrating. Installing a solar-powered option quickly solves this issue.

Solar-Powered Garage Doors Are Economical

Most solar panels can produce roughly 1 kWh of energy per square meter. Fortunately, there are many commercial solar kits out on the market today for you to choose from. Most of these kids range in price anywhere from $500 per kit to over $1,000. That may seem like a lot, however, the electricity bills you’ll save on makes it totally worth every penny.

Protect Yourself from Phantom Usage With a Solar Garage Door

Phantom usage can apply to several different devices in your home, from DVD players to your Wi-Fi router. You may be surprised to know that, while all of these devices do contribute to Phantom usage, your garage door opener is the worst culprit. This is because your garage door is always turned on and waiting for a signal. Switching to a solar-powered opener could save you a substantial amount of money as you’ll no longer be throwing that income at phantom electricity.