Everything You Need to Know About the Emergency Pull Cord

Garage doors used to only operate manually. Since electric garage door openers became popular, most garages nowadays operate on electricity. Even though garage doors have an electric opener, they are also equipped with an emergency pull cord for manually releasing the door in order to open or close it. If your emergency pull cord breaks, is frayed or has come loose from the pulley, it is important to contact a professional for Huntington Beach garage door repair in order to fix it.

Location of the Cord

The emergency pull cord is typically located near the ceiling between the tracks and the opener’s motor. Made of red rope with a red handle, the emergency pull cord is noticeable. The cord is only about 2 feet long, and someone who is short may need to stand on a step stool in order to reach it.

When to Use the Cord

The emergency pull cord should only be used in an emergency. There are specific steps on how to safely use the cord. It may be a good idea to practice those steps before an emergency happens so that you know what to do if a dangerous situation arises. The pull cord should only be used when the garage door is closed. Use it if there is a loss of power, the opener will not work or if there are gas fumes in the garage that could ignite a spark from the opener’s motor.

What to Do About a Damaged Cord

Do not try to use a damaged pull cord. It could cause the door to drop suddenly because it is no longer able to hold the door’s weight. Contact a door technician to replace the damaged cord.