brown fiberglass garage doors

Is a Fiberglass Garage Door Right for Your Home?

When considering what type of garage door to add to your home garage, there are several key factors you may want to consider. Here we explore a few pros and cons of installing a fiberglass garage door in your home.

A Few Positive Marks for Fiberglass Garage Doors

There are many pros of using this lightweight material for your garage. Fiberglass typically tends to be more cost-effective when weighed against other garage door materials, such as wood or steel. Garage doors made of fiberglass are also available in a wide variety of colors and styles which makes matching your existing exterior home décor a breeze.

From a maintenance standpoint, fiberglass doors are lightweight, which makes the constant up-and-down movement much easier on the other components of your garage door as time goes on. These doors also tend to hold up well in detrimental environments, such as coastal areas, and will not expand or shrink with temperature or moisture fluctuations.

Considering the Cons

If you do choose to invest in a this type of door for your garage, you will want to think through the negative aspects as well. For instance, fiberglass does not typically act as a good insulator. If you go with fiberglass, additional insulation may need to be added to ensure energy efficiency and garage temperature comfort.

Also, fiberglass does tend to yellow as it ages, which could pose a cosmetic issue down the road. And although normal temperature shifts can be weathered well by a fiberglass door, extreme cold can cause the material to weaken over time and become somewhat brittle.

Essentially, choosing the best garage door material for your home will come down to assessing what will work best for your locale and your family’s home and garage needs. Fiberglass is definitely one very popular garage door choice to consider. A Huntington Beach garage door repair company can provide you with more information about this material.