3 Tips for Diagnosing Garage Door Motor Problems

A garage is one of the most useful spaces in a home, so it only stands to reason that you’d want the Orange County garage door guarding it to be in tip-top shape. But what happens when your garage door starts acting up in ways you can’t quite figure out? In some cases, this might be related to the garage door motor. To figure out if this is the case, try these three tips for diagnosing garage door motor problems.

Rule Out Other Problems

The easiest step to seeing if your garage door’s problem stems from the motor is by ruling out other options. The more things you can cross off your list, the easier it will be to figure out what’s happening. To do this, check things like the key fob, the safety sensors, and the door tracks to see if any obvious problems stick out to you. If you can successfully rule out other common garage repair issues, that makes it more likely the issue lies with the motor.

Listen for Sounds

A garage door is always going to make noise when it opens or closes, but these kinds of sounds are familiar. What you’ll want to listen for is something unusual when your door goes up or down. Anything that sounds like crunching, straining, or otherwise unfamiliar tells you that there’s a problem. As the motor runs, it can also be beneficial to observe how it moves and what the more delicate parts inside might sound like.

Contact a Professional

Performing your own garage door repair in Orange County can be a difficult undertaking. If you just aren’t sure of what’s causing an issue with your door, sometimes it’s best just to call a professional to take a look. If you’ve already taken care of some of these other steps, that can greatly speed up the process by narrowing things down and result in a quicker repair job.