Ways to Make Your Garage Door More Secure

The garage door is not only a functional feature on the property that provides access to the garage, but it’s also a product that keeps the interior setting safe and secure. The door covers one of the largest openings on the home, which can make it a target to intruders. If you want to make your garage door more secure, there are a few essential tips to follow.

Install a Keypad

Consider installing a keypad that requires you to enter a code to access the garage. The keypad can prevent a key from getting into the wrong hands and will also allow your family members or children to enter the home at any time. With a keypad, you’ll have one less thing to lose and can secure the building at all times of the day or night. You’ll no longer have to lock or unlock the garage door manually.

Frost the Windows

If you have windows that are present on your garage door, make it a point to increase your privacy by frosting the glass. Intruders are a lot less likely to break in if they can’t get a peek inside of the garage because they can’t spot valuables to steal and won’t be able to scope out how they’ll get through the door. Installing shades can also block a view to the inside of the building.

Perform an Inspection

Make it a point to visually inspect the garage door to ensure that all of the parts are in excellent condition and don’t need to be replaced. You may need to hire a professional to perform the necessary repairs to prevent the door from having weak spots. If the door is close to the end of its lifespan or needs significant repairs, it may be time for Orange County garage installation. Select a garage door that is constructed out of a durable material like galvanized steel to ensure that it’s stronger protects the interior setting.